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(Listen to Ludovico Einaudi-Melodie Africana III while reading this to get the right effect.)

When I left that vault, I knew I could never return, my life, my freedom,and my heart was destroyed. All because of my Father and his selfish desires to do what he thinks his Mother wanted without thinking of the lives he destroys along the way. Ironic is'nt it? His passion was to save lives but destroys the life of his own creation and comically enough his creation took him in the end.This world is a cold, but burning chasm. Something set this world on fire that has made it so cold. Including the people, the men, woman, gouls even children, they are all cold hearted. Nothing feels alive, but we go on don't we? That is the sad thing about us humans, we adapt to a world we know nothing about, and die in its name. We fight and kill for those we love, while destroying the innocent's soul along the long dark bloody road, it is a filthy world full of fire and hatered.

Now I go on. I move on to the finish line, to end what my Father started, what my Mother dreamed of. I don't know what i will do after this, if I even survive this, my life has been stolen by my dead Father, I will go back to smoking, the doctor said I have lung cancer from the smoking. And the constant breathing iradiated air (Cough cough) but I will go on, I always do. Meeting death is my last fear, its getting there that terrifies me, my every step, every breath. But some day the Angel of death will find me. Just like it found my Father. Im ready.

"May you be in heaven half and hour before the Devil knows you'r dead."