Let's play Day Z, a multiplayer zombie survival mod for Arma II: Combined Operations. I play it slow, focus on survival, not action. I'm fighting for my life. I do my best to survive. This is Day Z. This is my story.

I'm thrown to a 15x15km (225 square km) open-world post-soviet state of Chernarus, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, where the zombies are fast and dangerous - at least after they see or hear me - and the other players are even more deadly.

I (role)play the game like I was actually there. I prefer living over getting killed, so I'm very cautious and try to avoid dangerous situations. This game is hardcore, always ironman (dead is dead), so I consider everything I do very carefully - like I probably would if I'd find myself in a middle of a zombie apocalypse.

With both zombies and other players, if I'm firing my guns, something has probably gone wrong already.

Played on Hardcore servers (No 3rd person view, no crosshair, no playertags). Recording Day Z with (near) maxed graphics 1920x1080 using Dxtory. All videos are available as 1080p HD.





Introduction - Part 0Edit

Let's Play Day Z - Part - Introduction

Let's Play Day Z - Part - Introduction

First video - Part 1Edit

Let's Play Day Z - Part 1 - Starting Out, Otmel to Elektro Series 1

Let's Play Day Z - Part 1 - Starting Out, Otmel to Elektro Series 1


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