Slow-paced role-play with a Breton mage (pure mage). Difficulty: Master. Permanent death (on death, this let's play is over).

Can a Breton goods peddler find his inner hero, his destiny, or will he die trying?

Series 1 & 2, Yngvarr, Breton, Pure Mage

Yngvarr, a Breton MageEdit

Yngvarr is an average chap. Not a hero by any means, unless picking flowers or buying and selling goods makes a man heroic. He is a Breton goods peddler and a recreational alchemist who, before arriving in Skyrim, isn't aware of all the powers hidden within him.

His father was a Nord caravan guard and mother is a Breton healer. Yngvarr was born in Elinhir, a town in Hammerfell, but he never really had a place he or his family called home, as he became a travelling merchant like his parents were.

Yngvarr came to Skyrim looking for an adventure, for a new beginning for his life, but he barely made it past the mountains when he ran to an ambush by the Imperial forces and was knocked out before he had the chance to talk.

Let's Play Skyrim (Roleplay, Mage).




First video - the introduction and character creation:

Skyrim Roleplay - Part 1 - Introduction and Character Creation

Skyrim Roleplay - Part 1 - Introduction and Character Creation


Zemalf has listed mods he uses in Google Docs:

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