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Welcome to the Zemalf's Wiki[]

The Official Wiki for Zemalf's Let's Play Videos (TheZemalf on YouTube), created and approved by (The)Zemalf, was created to provide an additional layer of information on Zemalf's let's plays and the Characters and Stories in those let's plays.

Remember: Wiki is a collaboration tool - You are free to edit and add information about Zemalf's Let's Plays without asking for permission, and you're encouraged to do so.

Feel free to create separate pages for Fan Fiction for example, or just edit your input to the LP pages. If LP page is missing, you can add/edit it. If some links are missing, you can add them, etc. If you've created Fan Art, add the picture to the page and/or link to the image elsewhere, e.g. deviantART.

Table of Contents[]

  • Let's Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Let's Play Dishonored
  • Let's Play FTL
  • Dwarf Fortress Tutorial

About (The)Zemalf's Let's Play Videos[]

"I create long, slow-paced & occasionally thoughtful let's play videos for those who enjoy more "serious", honest gameplay over faking, posing and goofing around" -Zemalf

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